The Future of Lamborghini: The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

 The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is the leading design into Lamborghini’s future. As the whole world slowly shifts towards electric cars, Lamborghini has decided to give it a try with its concept car, the Terzo Millennio. The Terzo Millennio is only a concept car, meaning that no one has it. Its design is fully electric and can make approximately 850hp and is said to have a 0-60 time faster than the Tesla Roadster’s 1.9 second run. This car is literally the future.

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When most people think of Lamborghini, they think of a very loud and aggressive sounding car. Lamborghini was concerned that their all electric car would boare customers because there is no noise. However, Lamborghini and YAMAHA have teamed up to make the car edged and curved in certain ways, so that when the wind passes over, or in this case through the car, it makes a sort of noise that Lamborghini claims their customers will love. 

Also, the Lamborghini of the future is self healing. Although this sounds strange, it’s true. The car can and will detect any minor scratches or imperfections in the body work. One it detects the crack, it places a sort of glue with nano technology in it to fill up the crack, then it fuses the crack back together. Though this can not repair major dents or cracks, it is a big improvement that will help many owners, as a small scratch repair typically costs around $3,000.

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In a Tesla, the battery is placed in the center of the car, at the very bottom of it. Lamborghini has teamed up with a university and has started having engineers and scientists to find a way to put the battery where a typical Lamborghinis engine would be, as well as the very front.  The reasoning for this is weight distribution. The weight of the car is placed to make it as quick as possible. As you may have noticed, there will be more than one battery, making more power than typical electric cars.

The Terzo Millinneo, third millennium, is truly not from this time period. As if having the self healing mode was not cool enough, the car makes its own energy. The energy made comes from the car’s tires and other heat making portions of the car. The energy collected actually recharge your battery,

The Terzo Millennio is a concept car with no definite future. Much controversy and the development of the car is difficult, but it would certainly be something worth having if it were made. Since it is a concept car, it also has no price, but many people estimated that it will cost around $2.5M.

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