Hermes is not a car brand, but they certainly can help turn your car into a moving piece of art. Having collaborated with many exotic car brands, they have created many cool examples of their work. Hermes is located in Paris, so if you wanted them to help design a car, you would fly out and work out all the details with them.

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Hermes, for example, has worked with Bugatti a few times, but their best work is with the Chiron. One owner worked with Bugatti and Hermes to have them design a one of edition Bugatti Chiron that was double the price. A original Bugatti Chiron costs around $2.9M, but with Hermes involved, it costed around $6M. This may seem like a ridiculous amount to pay for a car, but once you see the amount of detail put into it, you will change your mind.

For starters,  all of Hermes’ leathers and other materials are all handmade to perfection. Due to it being handmade, it takes a lot of time, and most of the cost is in the labor put into making everything. On top of that, you are very involved with the creation of the car. You can see this with the customized luggage fitted to your car.

Although Hermes can work on vehicles, not all car brands like to cooperate with them. One main reason for a lack of cooperation is because Hermes sometimes might change some things in the car. For example, when Hermes worked with Pagani, they changed the shape of the headrests. Some car manufacturers just do not like that very much, but sometimes the way Hermes does it makes it look better.

One other reason why people like to go with Hermes is because they make extraordinarily soft leathers in the seats which make them extremely comfortable. Also, they use cool designs in and out of the car. Going back to the Bugatti Chiron, Hermes made customized air vents and also added pretty neat leather trims that have an interesting pattern.

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Hermes is very expensive, but in my opinion it is money well spent. Having great exclusion and rarity added onto your already rare vehicle just helps it in so many ways. Resale values for starters will be so much better as each Hermes edition car is unlike any other.


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