The Toyota Supra is a Bargain

The Toyota Supra made its mark in 1978. It was not a very popular car, mainly because it was not made by the more popular sports car makers. Since then, the people who first owned Supras modified them to be more powerful than the Lamborghinis of that time period making its mark in automotive history, and well, many years later, we have a second generation Supra. This Supra is a very affordable car starting at $49,990 and is equipped with a V6 engine that produces 355hp, a 0-60 of 3.8 seconds, with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. 

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The Supra was and still is one of the best selling sports cars, not because of the power it contains, but because they are so modifiable. People who buy these cars, will have them straight piped, tuned, added wide body kits, and bigger spoilers. This all is what makes people more interested in this car, if they are project car builders for example. 

If you like BMW’s level of performance, then you most probably like the Toyota Supra because they built it. All or most of the Supras were built in Austria by BMW motors. In a sense, this is what makes it such a bargain to buy. Instead of spending around $70,000 for a base model BMW, you spend $50,000 for the same level of performance, just badged by Toyota instead. Also, Toyota claims that the Supra was co-developed with BMW, but in reality, BMW did everything for them. The interior is the same as BMW’s and almost all aspects of the car are the same, except for the shape of the car. I mean like, the Toyota Supra does not even have a Toyota engine, it has a BMW engine. You basically get a BMW for $20,000 cheaper.

The second generation Toyota Supra had a special edition Supra. This was called the Launch edition, and only 1500 units were made world wide. The Launch edition is $5,000 more than the standard supra but comes with nice features.

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Lastly, the Supra has some cool new technology upgrades that make the car so much better. For example, under the center console, it looks like there is a small hole, what is that used for? Wireless cellphone charging. If you have a modern day phone, you can drop it in that hole and it will automatically start charging for you. Simple things like this make the car better.

In conclusion, the Supra is not a bad car and has a lot of new and improved features. It made its first mark in 1978 and has come to make another outstanding automotive mark in 2020.


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