Are Supercars Reliable?

Owning a supercar is almost every car enthusiast’s dream. To own a car that’s fast and can do things normal cars can not, but are cars with this much power and that high of a price tag actually reliable? The answer to that is it depends.

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Supercars tend to generally have a lot of problems, especially when heavily modified. In many people’s opinion they say that supercars only fail if they are not driven, and this is completely true. All these cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren were all built for the sole purpose of insane performance, so if you don’t drive it often it will be unreliable. Also, you have to drive it the way it was meant to be driven. You can not buy a supercar with 700+hp and drive it like it only has 200hp. If it was meant to be redlined, redline it and do it often. In a scene it’s almost like you are giving the car practice as to how to fully use its power and not lose power over time. The biggest drawback to owning one of these cars is if it is not driven often, it will not perform the way it was supposed to be. 

Next, you have to maintain the car properly and regularly. My suggestion is to do the recommended yearly services on the car, because they usually search for three important things. Number one is that the car is still safe, number two is that all the technology is performing well, and number three is that they will most likely do an oil change. Do not drive supercars if they have not gotten serviced, and don’t drive them especially if you have not gotten an oil change. Most of the time people who drive these cars hard and have not maintained it properly, tend to catch their cars on fire, and well, you just lost $400,000!

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If you do not plan on driving your supercar often, or just have many other cars and can not drive them very often, a good tactic is buying a trickle charger. Almost every single supercar manufacturer knows that the people who buy their cars tend to not drive them very often due to their value, so they made a way to not allow the car to die. When the car is sitting for many days, the battery will go flat, and the trickle charger will prevent this. The trickle charger is a charger that attaches to the battery and constantly charges it so that when you want to, you can start your car without problems. A trickle charger though is sometimes pretty expensive costing a few thousand dollars, but it is a lot better than paying a few thousand each time your battery dies.

In conclusion, these are the best ways to really get a proper supercar experience in my opinion. Do not let your car perform any less than it should. Just remember if you are paying for all the power, you might as well use it!


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