The Maserati MC 12 is a Race Car that was Accidentally Street Legal

The Maserati MC 12 is a very special car. It has aerodynamics unlike no other of its time and is seen as one of the most valuable but least known cars to this date. This car is also one of those cars that are extremely rare with only 50 units ever made. It features a V12 engine that produces 621hp, a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds with a top speed of 205mph. It is a timeless car that is still stronger and more powerful than most modern day exotics. 

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As said before, the MC 12 is very powerful. It is still Maserati’s fastest car even though it was produced in 2004. Although Maserati has claimed their engine to be their own, it is not completely. The Maserati MC 12 engine was based off Ferraris of the time. It is basically a copy of Ferrari’s strongest engines, at the time, with a few substantial changes. 

The Maserati MC 12 is a race car of some sorts, but one that just happens to be a street legal car. It is legal in America, but you will probably never see one because there are only about ten in the entire country. The car in some cases can be very hard to actually drive. It has a very wide body that does help a lot with aerodynamics, but is difficult to manage on smaller roads. Also, the MC 12 is completley rear wheel drive. This can be fun in the event that you would like to do donuts is your $1.7M car, but can be really dangerous in some situations. In the event that you do a hard pull from the start, it is very easy to lose control because there is too much power to the rear wheels. Once the car gets going, then it is stable and pretty easy to drive for the most part. Many car enthusiasts argue that the MC 12 needed more grip on the tires.

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The Maserati MC 12 is fully made of carbon fiber, and as if that was not enough, Maserati came out with a track only MC 12 edition. It is an amazing car, and you will be lucky if you can even get to see this car once in your lifetime. 


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