The Most Expensive Car in the WORLD

The Ferrari 250 GTO is the most insane and most exotic and sought after car in the world. It was built and designed to be a race car for the road, but was made street legal. This car is not the most impressive performance wise, but the other stuff easily makes up for that! The Ferrari 250 GTO has a V12 engine that makes 296hp. I said earlier that this was not impressive, and that is partly true because most sedans have that type of power, but back in 1962 it was one of the most powerful cars on the face of the planet. It was basically the Bugatti Chiron ( of today, just many years ago. 

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The Ferrari 250 GTOs V12 engine is a very interesting piece of machinery. Aside from making the power necessary to make the car fast, it makes the car sound exceedingly good even by today’s standards. This car is a front engine car that was actually designed for grand touring. It was meant to be the car you could take anywhere while still having a good time. 

Back in 1962, the car was still considered expensive and more of an upper class, but not to the extent where it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, this car originally cost $18,000 which equivalates to about $150,000 in today’s money. The reason for its newly found price of $55,000,000 is because there are not that many of them left. To start, Ferrari did not make that many in the beginning at only 36 total units for the entire world. Out of those 36 units, only 33 remain. The other three were either destroyed or abandoned. 

Although it was built to be a grand touring car, Enzo Ferrari couldn’t help himself and had to make it somewhat sporty. In the name of reducing weight there are no headliners and no leather around the steering wheel. Just to put it through a different perspective, he took out whatever he deemed not necessary.

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The Ferrari 250 GTO is the most expensive and desired car in the world. Sadly, since these cars are so rare and so expensive, we do not really know much about the interior or the way it drives. If you own this car you are a true Ferrari fan. If you ever seen this car, you are a lucky man!


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