The Mercedes SLS Black Series is the Ultimate Mercedes

The Mercedes SLS Black Series is one of Mercede’s most impressive performance cars and has come to be known as one of Mercede’s most desirable collector cars. This car came stock with a V8 engine that produces 622hp, a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, and a top speed of 196mph. Here is what makes the car interesting.

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For starters, it was surprising to see that this car actually rose up in value. Most Mercedes are usually suffering heavy depreciation because they create so many of them, but this one was only limited to 150 units worldwide. These cars originally sold for $275,000, but due to its rate of appreciation, they typically auction for $700,000. If any of the original buyers have it, then they made over $300,000. 

Also, certain design features of this car are only found on this car. For example, the gullwing doors and the really short rear end and very long front end where the engine is. All these defining features have not been replicated on any car ever, except for the famous Mercedes 300SL. In my opinion, this car is only as popular as it is now because it is a much cheaper alternative with more power, to the $3,000,000 Mercedes 300SL. 

One of the most interesting parts of this model is how it is actually the successor of the Mercedes SLS. The SLS Black Series is the stronger and higher performing car of the two and is slightly more expensive. The Black Series is the equivalent of Rolls Royce’s Black Badge edition. 

The Mercedes SLS Black Series was meant to be the most track focused road going Mercedes ever. Its sporty feel was completely based off of the 300SL, and even the speedometer is based off of it. When the SLS Black Series came out, Mercedes believed that it would lose its value very quickly, but it did not, and because of this, they are now off to building stranger cars like the Mercedes AMG Project car.

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Although this car is not the most stunning car or the most powerful car, it is the story of Mercedes. Without this car, Mercedes would only be focusing on normal cars, not cars that set record times at the Nurburgring. 

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