The Mercedes E 350 is a Nice Family Sedan

Recently, I had the opportunity to get up close with a Mercedes E 350 and found that it is a nice car. It comes stock with a 4 cylinder engine that produces 255hp, and  a 0-60 time of 6.3 seconds. The usual price for one of these is $55,000, but the one I viewed cost over $70,000 partly due to the upgraded options. Here are the upgraded features this car has.

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The Mercedes E 350 has two engine types, one regular and one with diesel fuel. The diesel option is more expensive, but overall it is cheaper to maintain. Diesel fuel costs less than regular fuel and lasts longer (higher MPG rating). This technology is called BLUETECH. 

Second, is the leather. Instead of having the usual standard leathers, this car was equipped with softer leathers. Also, the leather was a reddish brownish leather that is supposedly nicer. 

Third, was the rear entertainment package. This was controlled by the infotainment screen. You scroll through a few options, which then connects to the DVD player in the back middle seat. There are two TV’s in the back behind the drivers and passengers seat. The rear entertainment package comes with two televisions and two seats of quality Mercedes headphones.

Next, is the package for safety assist. This helps you not crash by adding sensors all over the car. There are sensors in the front and some on top of the car. Also, whenever you are going over a lane or not directly in your lane, your car’s steering wheel will start to vibrate and a beeping noise will be made.

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In conclusion, the Mercedes E 350 is a very safe car. Now, though this is a very good car to pick because of its depreciation. You can buy a fully upgraded Mercedes E 350 for under $20,000. That is a very good deal for the car. 


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