The Three Cars That Changed the Automotive Industry

The Mclaren P1, the LaFerrari, and the 918 spyder are the three cars that changed the boundaries. They set the boundaries for the automotive industry. Their technology mixed in with aerodynamics is truly impressive. Their ability to keep the car from depreciating is also impressive. Find out how they did it here. 

All three cars came with technology that had not been previously found in supercars, let alone hypercars at the time. Hybrid technology. This technology allowed for instant power or power when you ran out of fuel. It was the first time a supercar ever went green, and it actually made the cars more impressive on the track than before. 

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One of the next factors of these car’s success is their rarity. Each one of them were made to be highly exclusive, and for everyone, the people were handpicked to eliminate people who would look bad behind the brand. The Mclaren P1 and the Laferrari are more rare than the Porsche 918 Spyder, and cost about $1M more! The Mclaren P1 only came in 375 available units for the whole world. The LaFerrari came in 499 units for the entire world. The Porsche 918 Spyder came in 918 units for the whole world. The 918 spyder is worth less because they nearly produced twice as much of them!

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These three beasts are known to the car world as the “Holy Trinity.” They are some of the most spoken about cars in the world even though they were produced more than six years ago. Until today, their performance is still unrivaled in the automotive industry and have influenced many other car brands to start going green as well. Brands like Koenigsegg, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are all starting to shift to the new era of supercar making. Instant torque in between shifts for maximum thrust forward.  

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The Porsche 918 Spyder, the Mclaren P1, and the LaFerrari are all really neat cars, and they don’t harm the environment as much as normal cars do! My favorite would have to be either the P1 or LaFerrari. Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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