The Truth About Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the most powerful brand names ever known. They are known for their high end performance and luxury cars, but behind all the glory comes a truth about Ferrari that not many people know. Ferrari is still what it is from the past, but it was that past that brought Ferrari to what we know it as today. One of the best sports cars available on the market.

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Enzo Ferrari was a very entrepreneurial person, and loved everything and anything concerning racing. He was a racer, and started his own team called Scuderia Ferrari, which is still around today. They were one of the first brands to enter the famous Formula 1 races, and is currently the oldest team to still compete in Formula 1 racing. 

Racing is a very costly sport. It costs thousands of dollars to develop the car, and all the supplies needed like, tires, a driver, and extra parts in case of a failure. Enzo Ferrari figured that Scuderia Ferrari was in trouble because of the cost, so he launched another company called Ferrari. Ferrari developed road going cars to raise money for Scuderia Ferrari.

Enzo Ferrari literally only developed Ferrari road going cars to support his racing team. He had no intention of turning the company into what it became today. In fact, once Enzo Ferrari felt it was able to let go of his road going company he was going to sell it to Ford.

In the midst of the deal, Enzo Ferrari decided that he should read the contract before signing. On signing day, he noticed that Ford was trying to gain control of the Scuderia Ferrari racing team. Enzo Ferrar was so upsettened by this and canceled the deal last minute, and went and sold it to Chrysler instead.

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Ferrari has an interesting history behind it, and was not meant to make supercars, yet they did. It is a good thing that they did however because they make some of the most impressive vehicles on the planet!


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