The Five Super Ferraris

Ferrari has been around for quite some time, and over the years, they have had some time to make some of the most remarkable vehicles around. Of those Vehicles, are a few that are seen as some of the most collectable and valuable cars on the planet. These cars are the Ferrari 288 GTO, the Ferrari F40, the Ferrari F50, the Enzo Ferrari, and the LaFerrari. These cars are what define Ferraris level of beauty and performance all in one package. Here is what makes them the most special Ferraris of all time. 

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To start, the Ferrari 288 GTO. This car was sold in the 1980’s and was seen as Ferraris first ever grand touring car. It was the first Ferrari to ever be somewhat practical. This legend of  car was limited to only 272 units built world wide. The car sold back in the 80’s for about $83,000 which is equivalent to about $258,000 in today’s money. With the cars high desirability, they trade hands now for about $3.5M.

Next, is the famous Ferrari F40. Aside from the immense power this brought out when it was produced, it has a few deeper meanings to it that really make it quite special. The name F40 stands for 40 years of Ferrari, as it was the 40th anniversary of Ferrari. This vehicle is also the last vehicle that Enzo Ferrari worked on before he perished. It is the last true Ferrari. They trade hands for about $1.4M.

The Ferrari F50, you guessed it, commemorates 50 years of Ferrari. It was the first major Ferrari to be made without the company founder, Enzo Ferrari. It features a similar setup as the F40, but has a little more aero work and more power added on to it. 

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The Enzo Ferrari was built on the 60th year of Ferrari and was in honor of the founder of Ferrari. It was the most powerful Ferrrari ever built and was limited to less than 500 units made world wide. These cars sell for $3-4M and are mostly painted in only red. It was the most track focused Ferrari to date. 

Lastly, the LaFerrari, which in its definitive meaning means that this is the Ferrari. The Ultimate Ferrari ever. It shows off Ferraris capability to produce close to 1,000hp while still being relatively eco friendly with its new introduction to hybrid technology. These cars trade hands for about $4M.

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These are the five most collectable and honestly, the five most insightful cars to ever be built by any manufacturer. They are the most special Ferraris available.


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