The Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is a sports car, but is also a comfortable car. It has a V12 engine that can reach a top speed of 208 mph while having a 0-60 time of around 3.7 seconds. This car is powerful like a sports car, but also comfortable like a luxury car. This car was made after the Ferrari GTC4Lusso (The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a Ferrari Family Car!). 

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The Ferrari FF has a couple different features that help with its sports car performance. Air vents, located near the lights on the back of the car, help there be less pressure in the arch area of the wheels and helps there be less turbulence. This happens through the Base Bleed effect. The Base Bleed effect is a function created by Ferrari that was designed to help reduce drag. The rear diffuser optimises air extraction from under the car’s body. It has two new functions. The first new function is an airfoil. This airfoil helps with downforce. It helps with the downfore by using a curve located in the middle channel. The airfoil also helps boost the extraction capacity at the back of the car. The second new function is on the side channels. They now have an inverted curve. The curve helps because it makes sure a certain function is doing what it is supposed to do on the undertray of the car. This car has a couple different features that really help with the car’s performance levels. 

Although this car is a lot like a sports car, it is also like a luxury car. This car has a good amount of space, but you can get even more space by folding down the back two seats. This does not only have two seats like many sports cars. Instead, it has four seats. The interior of this car allows the passengers to be comfortable. Ferrari tried to make this car so comfortable to where you can spend a long time in it, and be comfortable the whole time. 

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The Ferrari FF is a sports car with great performance, but can also be seen as a luxurious car.

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