Aston Martin Speedster is a Crazy Car

The Aston Martin Speedster is one of the strangest cars ever to be street legal. Some of its design features have never been seen before, and are shocking the automotive world. Here are some specs. It comes with a V12 engine that produces 700hp, a 0-60 time that has not been rated yet, and a top speed of 186mph. It does not boast very powerful numbers, but it is still an impressive car. The Aston Martin Speedster is a car priced at over $1M with only about 88 units to ever be built. Here’s what makes this car so unique.

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To start, Aston Martin has designed this car so that you can be at one with the air. Be apart of the action around you. While the outside of the car is definitely seen as Aston Martin, it is not. The Aston Martin Speedster has now windshield, and you are placed in the motion of everything. The car does have quite an odd shape, but still has a purpose that actually makes the drive much more enjoyable. The aerodynamics put into the bodywork of the car make it so that the air going towards you, while driving, goes over you, instead of straight at your face.

The car is most likely meant to mimic the likes of a fighter jet. It has a split cockpit, and you are placed slightly lower than usual. On top of this, it has fighter jet symbols all over the interior of the car.

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To begin with some of the cool features, comes so simple as to begin with the helmet. The car’s awkward design offers no space to truly store anything bigger than a book, and it was not really meant to. To avoid having a windshield, Aston Martin placed customizable helmets with the car to make it safer when driving, especially at higher speeds, but back to storage. Behind the driver and passenger seats, are two very small capsules that store your helmets. I personally like this idea because you never have to go searching for your helmet, and when you’re just cruising, you have the comfort of knowing that you have a helmet behind you just in case you wanted to use it. 

The Aston Martin Speedster is the craziest car on the road today. I wish I could give more information on the car, but it is still too soon, and none have actually been delivered or reviewed to truly know what this car is capable of. Aston Martin may have just turned the way the automotive industry thinks about safety!


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