Why Automakers Strive for the Top Speed Record

A lot of people, or at least ones I have confronted, I’ll have a similar question. What is the point of getting such a fast car if there is a speed limit? There are a few things that clearly define the point of a top speed record. To name a few would be popularity, Presents and brand recognition. Here is what makes the top speed record so important to automakers.


Aside from the famous Nurburgring, the top speed record is what gets car brands their popularity. For example today we know Bugatti as one of the best car manufactures on the planet. They make the fastest, most luxurious vehicles on the planet. Before they gained this reputation, Bugatti was actually a failing brand. Bugatti was bought by Volkswagen, in 1998 for under $100 million. Today Bugatti is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. To start, Bugatti did quite a few years of development, for what we know today as the Veyron. Bugatti spent around $6 million in development per vehicle, to achieve a top speed that was seen as impossible. They were trying to break the 250 mph barrier that not even the McLaren F1 could beat. 

We also made Bugatti famous for the price tag of a car. The Bugatti Veyron was the first ever hyper car to be created. It featured four turbos, slightly over 1000 hp, and a never before seen price tag of just over $1 million.The ones forgotten Bugatti who is now becoming one of the most popular cars on the planet. Many millionaires and billionaires site to buy these vehicles. Since then Bugatti has come out with a few other cars such as the Bugatti Chiron, the Bugatti Divo, and the Bugatti Centodieci. 

Just to put this in perspective, let’s use a less popular car brand. Koenigsegg is now becoming a very popular car brand. Just months after the Bugatti Chiron was released, Koenigsegg released their own Koenigsegg Agera RS that crushed the world record top speed going a whopping 278mph. The small Swedish car brand suddenly became the most wanted hyper car ever. They were the only ones ever to ever beat Bugatti at a top speed record. Since then the two have been fighting for the top speed record. Bugatti currently holds it at 304 mph.

In conclusion, even though a car can go 300 mph, there are still speed limits, so some say why even buy the car at all. The answer to this is value. As much as the car brand gains her reputation off of the top speed record, if the car you bought really set a record not thought possible, it will rise in value.


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