Koenigsegg Literally Reinvented the Wheel

Up until now, cars have struggled with the insane amount of weight added through the wheels. Not the actual rubbers of the wheel, but rather the rim of the car which supports the tire. Over the past one hundred years, not much has changed to make the wheel better. People thought that was all you could possibly do, whilst making the car safe. Koenigsegg however, thought otherwise.

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The wheel rim is usually made entirely out of solid metal. This version of the tire rim can sometimes wiigh over 60lbs, which added a lot of unnecessary weight to the car. The next greatest thing invented was the use of carbon fiber wheels. Carbon fiber did help reduce a lot of weight, but it was still very heavy, and inefficient. The hypercar market would oftentimes struggle greatly with the weight distributions of the cars. 

Koenigsegg underwent intense testing to develop the first ever hollow wheel. Now, instead of an entire block of carbon fiber, it is only a shell. On top of this, the hollow wheel has not lost, or made the car any lesser. Koenigsegg has developed a wheel that still maintains the rigidity to support an entire car. For the first time ever, the wheel was now lighter than the tire. 

Koenigsegg has renovated the use of the wheel, and have made their cars much faster in the process. Although this is a huge accomplishment, it still comes with a hefty price. On the Koenigsegg Jesko, for example, to opt for the carbon fiber wheels will set you back thousands of dollars. Their street based version of the tire will cost $104,900 for a set, and the track based tire will cost $110,700.

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Koenigsegg has done something amazing for the automotive world, but does the price justify it? I think it does. Realistically speaking, they are the only ones who do this, so naturally they can make the price whatever they want. Additionally, molding, and shaping carbon fiber is extremely expensive, but not exactly to that point. To get the entire front half of a Bugatti Chiron only costs $70,000 more than a rim of a tire.


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