Mansory is a German company that specializes in automotive luxury. They do not build their own cars, but rather they enhance already made vehicles to their maximum potential. Everything made by Mansory is fully custom, but if you want to, you can customize it even more.

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Mansory specializes in brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce, but is most famous for their incredible job with the Bugatti Veyron. There are two options for the specifications of the Veyron, one being the LINEA VIVERE package, and two being the LINEA VINCERO package. The first package mainly focuses on making the car look timeless and elegant. It comes with carbon fiber almost everywhere, and a very luxurious forged carbon fiber interior. The VINCERO package on the other hand is a more futuristic/metallic look of the car, featuring a lot of carbon fiber.

The process of transforming the car, the Bugatti, includes a removal of basic Bugatti stock parts. Now before you decide that you want Mansory to work on your car, you have to decide on some very important determining factors. For starters, some car manufacturers don’t like Mansory and will sometimes even refuse to work on your car because it is not original. Also, just basic things can be difficult because Mansory loves detail and will even change up the tires and the rims of the car, which sometimes angers the manufacturer. Other than that, the process is quite simple, Mansory will take your car and basically redesign it by taking off certain original pieces and fitting them with new custom made carbon fiber pieces. Also, they take the time to fully redress the interior to either make it stand out or so that it can be more comfortable.

Mansory is also known to be quite expensive at times. Some upgrades and customizations done can cost well over $150,000. Also a pro to this car is that Mansory makes each car unique. For example, on some Lamborghini Urus’, they take the start stop button from the center console and put it on the ceiling to make it seem like you are in an aggressive fighter jet.

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Mansory is unique and special. It focuses on drawing the most attention to your car to make you feel special. It makes others want your car, and can even help with the resale value as it is something very desirable.

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