The McLaren GT

The McLaren GT is the Rolls Royce of McLarens, having the most luxurious and softest ride ever, in the fleet of the McLaren lineup. Though it is no slacker, this car can be very sporty when it wants to. It has a twin turbocharged V8 engine that produces 612hp, a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds, with a top speed of 203mph. This car also happens to be one of the cheaper McLarens, starting at around $210,000 before options. 

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The McLaren GT’s sole purpose is to be a usable car. As GT stands for “Grand Tourer” it is a car meant to go on long distance trips around the country, while being practical. It has two usable trunks, one in the front and one in the back, that can easily hold a few suitcases. When McLaren created this car, they decided that they wanted a softer ride, so the suspension is loosened and the seats are much more comfortable. Almost all other McLarens use bucket seats, which are basically very thin and curved seats to hold you in place, but those can be uncomfortable during long distance trips. 

To make this car as aerodynamic as possible, they eliminated the use of a huge spoiler, like the McLaren Senna. This then allows for minimal downforce, but results in a higher top speed. For most sports cars, the engine is fairly loud, but in the GT it defaults to its quietest mode. From there, the drive modes are changeable. The most important of the drive modes are track mode and launch. Track mode stiffens the suspension  to eliminate body roll around the corners. Launch mode is focused on getting the best 0-60 time possible. 

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To make this car as luxurious as possible, McLaren has eliminated the use of lots of carbon fiber in the cockpit. Instead they use lots of very soft and stylish leathers. To add to this luxuriousness they added the first ever functional sunroof in a McLaren. This sunroof is probably the coolest feature of the entire car. In place of an ugly sunroof cover they use an interesting new technology that allows you to regulate how little or how much sunlight can enter the car. In addition, this is the first McLaren to have mirrors on the sun visors. Usually all the other cars made don’t have this as it is excess weight and can be slightly distracting to the driver.

This car is the perfect GT car if you like a mix of luxury with ultimate power. These cars are quite affordable and with most McLarens they will surely depreciate a lot within the next few years. The McLaren GT is pretty much the king of sport grand tourers.

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