Why the Audi R8 Has Become a Bit of a Disappointment

As many people know, Audi has track performance cars, with the Audi R8 being their best one. When the Audi R8 first came out, people were astonished with how you can get almost 500hp for under $100,000, making it much more affordable than other competitors. At one point in time, you saw these cars everywhere, but as the time passed by there has been less and less on the road, here’s why.

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Now the reason for this isn’t that a bunch of people crashed their cars, its that Audi lost the clear view of what made their car so successful in the beginning. The price. Today, you can’t get an Audi for under $100,000, the price can go as high as almost $230,000 with common options that almost everyone will want. These options include better leather, carbon fiber packages, better sound system, and many more. Sure the newer Audis have 562hp, but the price determines everything,

Many people have stepped away from Audi’s R8 and have gone to other brands like Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini. People figured that if they were going to spend that much money on a car, they would rather spend a bit more for more power. You can get a very nice Ferrari Portofino for less than an Audi R8 at $215,000, a Lamborghini Huracan for $30,000 more and you get almost 700hp, and finally a McLaren 570s for $192,000 and the same amount of horsepower as the Audi, but it has cooler doors.

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When the R8 came out, its whole purpose was to be affordable to most people. It offered a good amount of horsepower, with the ability to see your engine through glass without having to pay $300,000 for it. Sadly, Audi has veered quite far from affordable and is losing business because they want to be at the top. Qunicidently their ambition has just brought more business to their competitors. The Audi R8 is still good, but it can be better with prices that once sold thousands of cars with.

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