The McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is a hybrid, limited edition car that is said to be the successor to the famous McLaren F1 (The McLaren F1 is the Greatest Supercar of its Time). This car originally sold with only 375 available units for the entire world each selling for around $1,100,000 before options, but today you can find one of these cars for around $3,000,000. This car has a twin turbocharged V8 that produces 727hp, but with the electric motor, it kicks in around 903hp. This car can do the 0-60 time in an outstanding 2.6 seconds with a top speed of 217mph.

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This McLaren, made in 2014,was extremely technologically advanced coming from the same era as the LaFerrari (The LaFerrari’s Interesting Features). Although, the LaFerrari has more power than the McLaren P1, many owners of both cars have said that the McLaren is more favorable in their opinion. The reasoning for this is because of the way it handles. The handling of the McLaren P1 is still better than most modern day supercars, whereas the handling on the LaFerrari has started to fade and has been outdone by other cars.

The car only consists of five panels for the entire car. Each panel is huge taking up the entire span of the exterior of the car’s frame. When ordered and sold out, McLaren Automotive offered something called the Carbon Series. This option only made up 25 units, but the Carbon Series. Is not an additional 25 cars, rather the 5 panels that make up the car. The way this process works is you ship the car to McLaren headquarters and they will remove your original panels in place with the carbon fiber panels. This process takes around 8-10 months to complete.

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It is unclear as to why they named the car P1, but most people think that the ”P” stands for performance, and the “1” is to symbolize its rank among other supercars in the industry. The McLaren P1 was basically designed to be the only street legal race car available, having many race car inspired things in the car including it’s drag reduction systems and massive rear wing.

The McLaren P1 is among some of the greatest supercars ever made in the history of all cars. Having insane statistics and insane rarity, it is worth every penny because it has some of the greatest performance figures ever.

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